Artist Statement

“Why robots? I could analyze it if you would like--I am often asked to. But while I could say I love form and composition, welding and machining, or mechanisms and moving parts, I understand my robots. I have been drawn to robots ever since I was a child. I look into their eyes and feel the complexity of the being I am creating. Their faults are unique, their emotions exposed, their eyes ask for them to be understood and have their feelings validated. I want to show the emotional significance of something other than a person, how an object could feel unwanted or abused, and that kindness, empathy and gratitude can expand to inanimate objects.”

Artist Biography

Chris Mora is a steel sculptor who lives and works in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He began his art in two dimensional forms such as paintings and drawings but was ultimately drawn towards a more versatile three dimensional medium. While the mediums Chris explored changed, the subject of his work has remained the same.

Chris Mora’s older sculptures included a series of large, static, outdoor robots. His most recent work is a series of poseable (articulate) robots. He starts with a partial design, then a design and then another. Lines on paper are transferred to cuts in steel. Springs are added, magnets are installed, mechanisms are tested, joints are tensioned, pieces are made and remade. After hundreds of hours it ends with the careful assembly of dozens of handmade pieces into a single articulate robot. While his previous work was static, his robots now have full motion in every joint and limb; a person could pose them any way they like.

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